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get lean

See it

Every now and then you have glimpses of the fulfilled and joyful person you can become.      

Every now and then you have glimpses of how astonishingly rich and abundant life can be.

Imagine what would happen if those glimpses came to you more often. Imagine what would happen if you transformed them into solid, persistent visions.

By taking those small glimpses, by nurturing and focusing on them, you can begin to see them more clearly and more often. And the more vividly you see in your mind how great life can be, the more your life begins to look like those visions.

The more often you see something in your mind's eye, the more quickly you'll reach it. The more intensely you see it, the more surely and completely you will attain it.

The next time you catch a glimpse of how great life can be, choose to hold on to it until it grows into a vision that cannot escape you. Fill your mind with images of the best that life has to offer.

Fill your mind with positive images. And soon your life will be filled with positive results.


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