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Benefits of Regular Exercise and Proper Nutrition
  1. Reduces the risk of heart disease by improving blood circulation throughout the body
  2. Keeps weight under control
  3. Improves blood cholesterol levels
  4. Prevents and manages high blood pressure
  5. Prevents bone loss
  6. Boosts energy level
  7. Helps manage stress
  8. Releases tension
  9. Improves the ability to fall asleep quickly and sleep well
  10. Improves self-image
  11. Counters anxiety and depression and increases enthusiasm and optimism
  12. Increases muscle strength, increasing the ability to do other physical activities
  13. Provides a way to share an activity with family and friends
  14. Establishes good heart-healthy habits in children and counters the conditions (obesity, high blood pressure, poor cholesterol levels, poor lifestyle habits, etc.) that lead to heart attack and stroke later in life
  15. In older people, helps delay or prevent chronic illnesses and diseases associated with aging and maintains quality of life and independence longer

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    Posture and Movement Assessment

    Flexibility Training
        Self-Myofascial Release

    Benefits of Regular Exercise and Proper Nutrition

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