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12/22/11 - A. F. - "Knowledgeable and Professional" - My first experience at TMS with Jilian was terrific. I've had many massages, but this was the first deep tissue that had a physiological component and the reasoning behind the focus areas made perfect sense for the ongoing pain I had been experiencing. Have already recommended them and plan to go back!

12/22/11 - David Willis - "Therapeutic Massage Specialists are Great" - Jilian Alumbaugh did an outstanding job with my massage. Very strong hands for such a tiny lady!!! I got into the massage room very fast. Atmosphere was very relaxing.

12/21/11 - Anna B. - "Relaxing Massage" - This was a wonderful experience. I was given a 55 minute Swedish Massage as a gift several months ago. I have never had a massage and was a little nervous...... So happy I went. The therapist was professional and helped me relax. I suggest this to anyone that needs relaxation!

12/21/11 - J.G. - "Great Job" - Jilian did a wonderful job. The whole process was relaxing and hassle free, from the scheduling to the parking and everything in between. i plan on returning.

12/16/11 - Katie Johnson - "Great Massage" - Jillian was very professional & really focused on the problem areas that we discussed during my consultation. I will definitely schedule future messages with her & highly recommend her services!

12/16/11 - Soon to be repeat customer - "Great Work" - My deep tissue massage was precisely what I wanted. Gillian was professional, informative and very effective. I would recommend this place based on my experience.


12/13/11 - Robin Thompson - "Amazing Massage Service" - I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with TMS. The ease of scheduling, email reminders, and very courteous staff are just the beginning! This was one of the most thorough deep tissue massages I have ever had. The therapist was experienced to know just the right amount of pressure and where. She took her time and listened to any concerns I had before hand. Have already booked agaiin and have recommended to many friends. You will be won over with TMS!

12/11/11 - Ellen Bertram - "Great" - This is the best massage I have ever had...deep tissue massage. I have had many deep tissue massages. I will go back to her as soon as I have some money

12/5/11 - M.H. - "Courteous and Capable" - Yesterday I had a 1 hour deep-tissue massage with Brandon. I was very impressed with his professionalism and his skill. He took care of the tension in my shoulders and back, and I left feeling great! I now prefer TMS to any of the "spas" in town because I feel like I got real results.

11/19/11 - y-bird Savannah - "Great Massage!" - Thank you Brandon for a great massage! He hit all the sore points and seemed to know just how long and the right pressure that was needed to release the tension. I will definitely be back.

11/3/11 - Tanisha Thompson - "Awesome!" - Massage was great! She really took the time to work out my knots and to also educate me on stretches I can do at home. I truly appreciate the time and effort. The facility was very clean and comfortable.

11/1/11 - Stephanie S. - "Great Massage" - I had my massage with Jillian and she was great! I left feeling incredibly relaxed! The online scheduling process is amazing! Makes planning a visit so easy! Can't wait to go back again!

11/1/11 - C.C. - "Jilian is the Best!" - I went in for a swedish massage. Jillian was awesome. I have never felt so relaxed after a massage! I would highly recommend Jillian to anyone seeking massage as a way to relax. She is the best masseuse ever!

10/31/11 - Sam Ross - "Heather" - One of the best I have ever had. After a long drive from upstate new York, i was in knots,and Heather eliminated most of them and derided me on the table!

10/25/11 - Jessica Ernst - "AMAZING!!!" - Jilian did such an Amazing job on my massage! Thank you so much! I will definately be trying to come back soon. :) She was so professional, made me feel completely comfortable and relaxed.

10/18/11 - Robert L. - "Amazing!" - This was my 1st professional massage and I was astonished. The facilities are great! Jilian was very professional, very attentive, extremely informative and she is an awesome therapist. I'm an athlete and after a full Sunday of playing football she helped my day after a game soreness almost evaporate. I highly recommend if you want a massage, this is the place.

10/17/11 - Diane Patino - "Great Job!!" - Very good experience....therapist was effective and advised of massage aftercare. Facility is open 7 days a week with online booking. Parking is easy and plentiful.

10/17/11 - Josh B. - "Amazing" - We recently scheduled massaged at Therapeutic Massage Specialists & Pro-Fit Personal Training. Jilian gave my girlfriend and myself a 55 min massage a price. She was amazing she really got in there and worked out my knots. We were both very pleased with her. Also Brandon was very nice to us while we waited for each other. We will definately be going back for massages and personal training!

10/7/11 - Brandy Jaudon - "Deep Tissue" - Jilian was great! She really helped me with some knots in my back and loosing up some tight muscles. it was relaxing and I felt great when I left. She also gave me some stretches to do at home to help ensure my muscle do not get at tight. Thanks Jilian I will be seeing you again soon.

10/6/11 - M.H. - "Pain Relief" - Emily did a great job. Thanks, Highly recommended, She worked my shoulders and neck, where I have a pinched nerve and worked so that I had instant relief from the pain down my arm.

10/3/11  "Deep Tissue Massage" - C. Logsdon

The massage done by Jillian was great. She was able to get some really deep knots out of my hips & legs. She also showed my some moves that I could do myself for relief. If I could afford a massage 1x week, I think my pain levels would be drastically reduced.

9/30/11 - Annete H. - "Awesome Massage!" - Will become a regular:) Great massage & looking forward to the next. Jillian suggested I have a consultation on my next visit to address some of my back issues, very helpful! Highly recommend!


9/24/11 - Susan C. - "Excellent" - Jilian did a wonderful job, working on some stiff/inflexible hip joints. She also told me of some exercises I can do by myself. The only bad thing I can say is that it was TOO short a session- I would have liked another hour.


9/24/11 - Ben Bengs - "Awesome!" - I am speaking for my husband, but I can promise you that our experience was GREAT!!! Brandon and his staff went above and beyond! We were traveling and Brandon (owner) even helped us get a cab and dinner reservations! The massage was one of the best I've ever had and he really listened to take care of problem areas. Wish we lived closer and could take advantage of the TMS more often. Thanks again for making our experience wonderful!!! Shannon Bengs


9/17/11 - DDG - "The Jilian Experience!" - The massage received from Jillian put me altogether in another space and time. Her precise pressure and focused massage allowed for simultaneous relaxation and invigoration. A wonderful session that left me feeling renewed and energetic.


9/13/11 - Lindsay N. - "Massage by Jilian" - I had a relaxating Swedish massage by Jilian and absolutely LOVED it! I have had numerous messages in the past at major resorts and it felt exactly like them. She relieved all of my knots without applying an excessive amount of pressure allowing me to feel comfortable the entire massage. I would definitely recommend it to everyone!


9/13/11 - E. B. - "Excellent Massage!" - Jillian did a fabulous job - I was in quite a bit of pain and she listened to what I said and was able to work out my issues - Thanks Jillian for bringing me relief!!!


9/13/11 - Jenny Eitel - "Awesome Massage!" - Brandon did a phenomenal job locating and alleviating all the knots and twists in my shoulders. Atmosphere was very soothing and comfortable. Incredibly professional and talented. Will definitely be back again for another massage.


9/11/11 - Georgette Blakey - "Many Thanks" - Brandon truly knew how to work thru the knot n my shoulder. I especially appreciate the time management conveyance. No wait for service!!! Will definitely return soon!


9/10/11 - Rhonda Scott - "Massage" - Thanks Brandon, great job i felt alot better after leaving the knot in my shoulder was not so tight, i will get back with you to finish, i know it takes a few times to completely get them gone, thanks again.


8/25/11 - Saleemah Morgan - "Thanks, Brandon" - I had a great experience at TMS! Brandon did a great job of getting at all the knots in my shoulder blades!! I feel great and will return for more sessions!


8/22/11 - M.S. - "Jilian was great!" - This was my first professional massage, and it was wonderful. It was very comfortable and I was quite at ease. Jilian worked out some of the many knots in my shoulders and hips, and even showed me some exercises to work against that tension in the future.


8/21/11 - Wendy Williby - "Best Massage of My Life!!" - First, entering through the ProFit Gym was a different experience. This place does not possess all the aesthetics of a spa...but with that said, it also lacked the "pretentiousness" that I've experienced at some other locales. I immediately felt comfortable and Jillian gave the BEST massage I've ever had. I highly recommend them and I'll definitely return!


8/20/11 - Ilene Hart - "Incredibly Effective" - I'd been hurting for over a month when I came to Brandon Jones for a half deep tissue massage. Brandon is professional, kind and amazingly gifted. No more pain! And he was generous enough to share his prevention tips too. I highly recommend his work.


8/18/11 - L.B. - "Best sports massage" - I went to see Jillian for a delux sports massage. My buddy recommended Jillian and wow! It was more than I expected. Jillian was very professional and knowledgeable with her profession. I will be back very soon espcially since I'm training for the Rock N Roll marathon!


8/18/11 - Jennifer C. - "Wonderful" - Jilian met me at the door with a big smile and warm welcome! She was very professional and was wonderful with the massage! Very relaxing! I will be returning!


8/16/11 - Bryan Graves - "Excellent!!" - Jillian was very professional and a pleasure to meet. She was very imformative about the process and gave me some simple streches that I should do every day. I will visit again. Thx


8/14/11 - Jan Conners - "Great Deal!!" - Jillian was fantastic and very competent massage therapist. She was personableand professional. I would visit her again. It was a great deal and value.

8/7/11 - Jenny Tomberlin - "Good Massage" - Good at pinpointing tension areas and recommendations after massage. would return for more visits. Brandon was very good, not too rough but just enough pressure to hit tension areas.


8/7/11 - Evelyn C. - "Good Job" - Heather found trigger points and pulled out a great deal of pain from my post-wreck neck, shoulders, and back. I only wish they accepted insurance so I could return. Atmosphere was clean but industrial and unattractive.


7/27/11 - Stephanie S. - "Great Job" - Jilian did a wonderful job! I plan on returning sometime soon. Excited to see the renovations they are doing. Needs just a little more of a spa atmosphere.


7/27/11 - D.K. - "Fantastic Job" - My husband and I each got massages on our honeymoon - mine deep tissue and his Swedish. It was his first and he really enjoyed it. My masseuse was great. He did very well with breaking up all the knots I had from wedding stress and I left feeling much more loose and relaxed.


7/25/11 - David C. - "Great Massage" - I just got the best Swedish massage ever! I've had a few before, but usually left disappointed. Not this time. I'm definately hooked and will be going back soon. Thanks Heather!


7/25/11 - BJH - "Incredible Deep Tissue Massage" - I deal with chronic pain due to injuries suffered while in the military. Jilian met me at the door and we talked about problem areas. I thought she might be too small to effectively address the problem but I was way wrong. She was plenty strong and I was close to tapping out at least twice. The purpose of my massage was to break up scar tissue not to feel good but nevertheless I was very relaxed when I departed. I highly recommend TMS and even more highly recommend Jilian! Just book it!

7/25/11 - J.J. - "Amazing" - I got the deep tissue massage and it was amazing! I work at a desk all day and I have a two year old so it was just what I needed! I will be back again!

7/23/11 - Maryjo B. - "Great Massage" - I've been increasing my workouts at the gym the last couple of months and had a lot of stress going on at work, so I decided to try a deep tissue massage. And WOW...great exprience!! It was really what I needed to relase my all over body tension. I feel great and so relaxed. THANKS!!


7/20/11 - Betty P. - "Wow! What a difference!" - My neck, arm and hand was really hurting and sore to the touch. I had a deep tissue massage yesterday with Jillean and I could feel a difference before I even left. Today it has been even better. I did not know that a massage could help me that much. Talk about MAGIC HANDS!!.


7/19/11 - Ramona J. - "That Special Touch" - After a stressful week, the Swedish massage was just what my poor body needed. I did not realize how much my hands and feet needed a little extra attention. Brandon found other spots that needed work and gave them that special touch and I left feeling like a new woman. Still do! I will highly recommend them to others.


7/18/11 - Patrick O Connor - "Heather was Fantastic" - My girlfriend and I both had great massages. The location is convenient, the rooms are clean and comfortable and the people were great. We will definitely visit them again and again.


7/18/11 - Marla S. - "Just what I needed" - This massage was just what I needed after some intense gym workouts. Brandon worked out some knots in my back and I walked out completely relaxed and refreshed. I will def go back and recommend Brandon.


7/18/11 - Ginny M. - "Great Massage by Emily" - I wish I could have one everyday! Emily gave me a great massage and helped work out some kinks I was experiencing. She was very professional. You've got to try Emily!


7/16/11 - HANNAH LOVE - "Sensational!" - Brandon is very considerate and caring towards his clients. Most everything, including the massage itself, he did was never done for me by previous massage therapists. He gives pointers before and after, even during. He felt the problem spots and work on them, nix the harsh kneading that I've experienced in the past, without me having to say anything. This guy knows his stuff!


7/16/11 - Jennieann T. - "Absolutely Fabulous" - Yesterday I had the most incredible massage with Brandon. He is one of the best masseurs I have had in a long time. When he realized how much stress I had in my neck and shoulders he spent extra time and added the deep tissue massage to get rid of the knots. I have never felt so relaxed. I will definitely be going back and spreading the word...he is the best!


7/14/11 - Belinda L. - "Euphoric" - I have a major problem with my hips. I normally can't stand more than 10 minutes at a time without being in severe pain. Yesterday I had a massage, and went shopping with my daughter afterward. I still feel so much better today. Brandon is caring, thorough, attentive, and knowledgeable. I would go back to him any time I am in Savannah. I suggest that anyone else do the same.


7/13/11 - Mary P. - "Massage at Therapeutic Massage Specialists" - Had a massage there recently and it was top-notch! Brandon is an excellent masseur (or whatever) and I enjoyed this experience very much. Will definitley go back.


7/12/11 - M. Miller - "Amazing" - A massage with Brandon was an amazing way to start my morning and week. Knew exactly how to work the problem areas and was very responsive to my muscles and pains. Very professional and cute!


7/11/11 - A.A. - "Excellent Massage" - Brandon was very professional and knowledgeable on how to treat problem areas. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to destress and treat muscle tension.


7/10/11 - D.L. - "Pure Bliss" -My massage by Brandon left me feeling blissfully relaxed for hours afterwards. It also did wonders for a little glitch in my shoulder. Brandon was responsive to my needs and sent me home feeling pampered rather than pummeled. Highly recommended.


7/9/11 - S.C. - "Best gift I ever gave myself" - Emily was very personable, professional & informative on the massage process. I walked out feeling like a different human being. I truly appreciated the fact that Brandon, the owner, is also very personable & focused on ensuring each client's experience is the best it can be. I will be back for sure!


6/20/11 - S.B. - "Highly Recommend!!" - As a birthday present to myself, I treated myself to a massage. Brandon was awesome, it was exactly what I needed! 3 days later and I still feel relaxed!


6/14/11 - S.A. - "Great first time experience" - I'd never had a professional massage before. Heather set me at ease, with a warm and welcoming personality. The experience was great. And it's amazing how fast an hour can fly by. I hope to return soon!


6/7/11 - M.B. - "Heather was fantastic!" - I haven't had a massage in awhile, but the stresses in life made me realize that it was time for one. Heather addressed my aches and pains, but also relaxed me. It gave me a smile all day long. I will definitely go back for a massage with Heather.


2/13/11 - J.E. - "Just what I needed" - I needed a massage so bad. I came in with so much pain in my upper shoulders and neck. She concentrated on those areas and I left relaxed and pain free. I felt so much better on my way out that I went home and scheduled my next session! This is a great place to get a massage!


1/20/11 - John S. - "Very Relaxing Massage" - Just got a great massage at TMS. I got online and scheduled the massage I wanted a few days out and when I got there I was more than satisfied with the level of service and professionalism. I let the therapist know what areas were bothering me and they took care of the rest. I will definitely be going back!!


1/18/11 - Jackie S. - "Awesome Massage!!" - I had the best, most relaxing massage at TMS. They were so polite and courteous and knew just what areas needed to be worked based on where I was feeling muscle pain and soreness. And the scheduling was so easy to do on line. It was great. I can't wait to schedule my next massage with them!!!!