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About Us

Therapeutic Massage Specialists of Savannah, GA was started by Brandon F. Jones in an effort to help the busy residents and visitors of Savannah and surrounding areas relax and rejuvenate.  At TMS we are committed to helping you forget about the stresses of your busy lives and helping your body adjust back to a comfortable neutral position through the application of various massage therapy techniques.

When you work in jobs that require constant sitting, standing or repetitive movements the muscles of your body become tight, weak and imbalanced.  By getting a therapeutic massage we can help loosen your tight, knotted muscles which are pulling on your joints and causing annoying aches/pains and get you back into a neutral anatomical position where you body is happy and pain free.  Combining strength training with the massage can help you maintain neutral position and prevent posture deviations which can lead to muscle imbalances and aches/pains.

Brandon is also a certified personal trainer and owner of Pro-Fit Personal Training Services in Savannah, GA.  Because of the constant posture deviations and muscle imbalances he encountered in his personal training clients, Brandon decided to attend Savannah School of Massage Therapy in order to become a licensed massage therapist.  By doing this he can help his clients not only strengthen their lengthened, weak muscles, but also help loosen up the tight, shortened muscles that are leading to various posture deviations and causing constant aches/pains for his clients and can eventually lead to further injury. Brandon will also complete his Master of Science in Sports Medicine from Armstrong Atlantic State University in August 2011.

Come let Brandon and his massage therapists help you relax and rejuvenate!!!!

Brandon F. Jones

Owner/ Licensed Massage Therapist/ Certified Personal Trainer




  Brandon is certified in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular, Sports, Chair and Hot Stone massage.  He specializes in working with clients who have neck, shoulder, and back pain associated with sitting at desks all day or other repetitive movements associated with work and lifestyle.  He is also a certified personal trainer that focuses on core strength and postural imbalances, again associated with sedentary desk jobs and repetitive movements.  Schedule an appointment for a massage or personal training session through the "booknow" buttons on the website.


Faith graduated from the Savannah School of Massage Therapy in 2011. She is certified in Deep Tissue, and Swedish Massage. Her 18 years of training, and performing in Classical Ballet strengthened her desire to become a Massage Therapist. She specializes in treating people with lower back, hip, and leg pain associated with the daily stresses of bending and lifting, and being on your feet for long hours.